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Answering the Call for Diversity & Inclusion

Panelists discuss the concrete actions that we can do as individuals and organizations to diversify our workforce. Continue reading


David R. Shuffler, Jr

David R. Shuffler, Jr., is the Executive Director of Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice (YMPJ). YMPJ’s mission is to develop the young people abilities to be the prophetic voices for the community through transforming the systems and infrastructure that are currently in place that impact on this community.

David first started his career at YMPJ as a youth mentor and organizer working on many social justice issues. David spent 10 years at YMPJ leaving staff in 200t4 and joining the YMPJ Board of Directors soon after. In 2004 David went on to join the staff of the Association for Neighborhood Housing and Development as the Director of the Initiative for Neighborhood and City Wide Organizing (INCO). INCO was a multi-year program designed to strengthen community organizing efforts throughout New York City neighborhoods and win city-wide policy reform. With his many years of experience as a trainer of community and other related organizing issues David continues to be a mover and shaker influencing varying levels of government. Over his career David has been able to harness over $10 million to support community organizing across the city.