Report: Diversity Counts
Diversity in top public service leadership remains both an opportunity and a challenge for the nation. The opportunity is for top decision makers in the public service sector to become inclusive, and the challenge is to expand opportunities for new, diverse perspectives in leadership.  Diversity Counts is PSLDI’s call to action, the first comprehensive look at top public service leadership representation in government, nonprofits, and philanthropy.

Best Practices in Metworking: Navigating the Barriers to Career Advancement
Sara Nowlin, David Mensah (DKBWAVE Consulting and Training), and Paula Gavin (former NUF President) explore issues and barriers, real or perceived which hinder professional relationship building, and also offers ideas from research on best practices that support efforts to develop more effective professional mentoring and networking practices.

NUF Inclusive Leadership Model: An Individual and Organizational Perspective
The Inclusive Leadership Model (ILM) represents the foundation of National Urban Fellows’ commitment to inclusive leadership development that is a hallmark of successful individual leaders and organizations.

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion: A Guide to Leading Change
This 27-page report provides insights, practices and approaches for organizational leaders seeking to support leadership and diversity. It delves into how the public service sector can achieve proportional representation by dismantling the barriers to inclusion of people of color in leadership positions and building a pipeline of talented, highly skilled candidates of color.

PSLDI: A Strategic Action Plan and Research Report
In 2010, the critical findings of the National Urban Fellows 40th Anniversary research report prompted organizations to create a network that would raise awareness about the need for leadership diversity and inclusion, while developing a pipeline of people of color who are prepared, ready, and waiting to attain leadership positions of influence and power.

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