About the Summit

The Public Service Leadership Diversity Initiative’s 2012 National Summit, Beyond the Dialogue: Empowering the Movement, Generating Impact, will be the driving focus of the forward movement of the action plan that supports the advancement of highly skilled leaders of color for public service leadership.

This Summit will unite the leadership of the Collaborative Network whose commitment is to advocate, promote and elevate the mission of the PSLDI.

For members of the National and Regional Network, the Summit will be a thought-provoking one and one-half day exploration, dedicated to the examination of two years of work and accomplishments achieved toward the Initiative and to make strategic recommendations for long term progress of the PSLDI movement.

Over the course of this time the work of the PSLDI will continue as the Network reconnects and reenergizes, while sharing in the opportunity to discuss issues, challenges and key learnings.

During these days this Summit will present some of the finest leadership speakers who represent the public service sectors including government, nonprofit, philanthropy, and public policy institutions.

Both presenters and participants alike will share the opportunity to engage in dynamic, challenging discussions.