Beverly Hills Mayor Addresses PSLDI’s Diversity Summit

Beverly Hills Mayor William Brien, accompanied by NUF mentor & City Manager Jeff Kolin, speaks about the importance of the National Urban Fellows program in his city.

  1. October 19 – Every gathering has its share of surprises and  the 2012 National Diversity Summit was no different, as Beverly Hills Mayor William Brien and City Manager Jeff Kolin passed by Friday morning to speak with participants.
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    Beverly Hills in the house! Mayor Dr, William Brien and City Manager Jeff Kolin greeting National Summit participants #LeadershipNUF
    Fri, Oct 19 2012 06:02:09
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    Beverly Hills Mayor William Brien holding court (rt) at #LeadershipNUF
    Fri, Oct 19 2012 06:15:02
  4. After mingling among the early gatherers, Brien opened the morning discussions speaking about the importance of diversity in the public sector and the impact that National Urban Fellows have made to the city in their placements since 2010.
  5. Beverly Hills Mayor Brien Addresses PSLDI Summit
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 05:23:11
  6. City Manager Jeff Kolin, who accompanied Brien, has served as a mentor for the last three years. Read more about him here.