Perez’s Story Kicks Off National Summit 2012

October 19 – After opening remarks by PSLDI Director Anthony Winn, NUF Interim President Miguel A. Garcia Jr, NUF Alum and Board Member Tony Allen introduced fellow alum Dr. Debra Joy Perez, who delighted the crowd

  1. ElBwriting
    @NUFLead Interim Prez Miguel A. Garcia Jr. tells leaders: Diversity & Inclusion are more important than ever before
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 09:13:49
  2. ElBwriting
    @NUFLead’s Garcia: “Dialogue, with decisive action, will produce a cadre of leaders representative of this nation. #LeadershipNUF
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 09:15:51
  3. ElBwriting
    @djoyperez: diversity of experiences and perspectives are key to effective solutions
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 09:35:32
  4. KnowledgeofTye
    @djoyperez presents the keynote at the #LEADERSHIPNUF
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 09:56:53
  5. ElBwriting
    @djoyperez: place matters: Its hard to lead a healthy life if you don’t live in an healthy place #LeadershipNUF
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 09:39:54
  6. KnowledgeofTye
    Startling statistic concerning diversity in public service leadership! Over 60% of Americans live in segregated community #LEADERSHIPNUF
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 09:58:29
  7. ElBwriting
    @djoyperez: …its not just access to care, but also systems that provide fresh food, travel to quality of hospitals, etc. #LeadershipNUF
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 09:43:13
  8. ElBwriting
    Wow! @djoyperez: 73% chance of kids of college grads going to college. < 6% for those who with < high school education #LeadershipNUF
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 09:50:25
  9. Bkwesq06
    It took 30 minutes and I am already inspired. Bravo Dr. Debra Perez @NUflead#LeadershipNuf
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 10:10:43
  10. ElBwriting

    shoutout to a Ms. Garces in NJ for paying the $25 application fee that once sent @djoyperez to college@djoyperez: #LeadershipNUF

    Thu, Oct 18 2012 10:17:20
  11. KnowledgeofTye
    There are binders full of people ready willing and able to work to move this nation forward! #LEADERSHIPNUF @djoyperez #NUFsaid #NUF2013
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 10:18:50
  12. BelieveLiveLove
    @NUF conference in NYC. Dr. Debra Perez brought the house down…stunning presentation on disparity and accountability #LeadershipNUF
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 10:19:46
  13. ElBwriting
    Here’s the Simon Sinek video mentioned by @djoyperez: How great leaders inspire action #LeadershipNUF
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 10:40:57