Connecting During the Summit and Beyond

Don’t just attend this year’s Summit. Engage with participants and NUF alums via social media.

Here’s how:


If you are on Facebook, log in and go to the organization’s web page at and like us.

If you are on Twitter, login in and go to!/NUFlead and follow @NUFlead, the organization’s handle.

If you are on LinkedIn, go to to and add NUF as a connection.


Now that you are connected to NUF, use some of these platforms to network with other NUF alums and allies. You can do this by engaging those who have left comments. Specifically:

a) Enter #LeadershipNUF on Twitter to see what’s being said about the Conference. Find an interesting comment? Click on the Follow icon next to the person’s twitter handle, which will allow you to follow that person’s comments.

b) On the NUF Facebook page, request to friend an alumn or partner by click on the name associated with a post or comment.

c) Run a search on either of these folks on LinkedIn

d) Check back here at http;// to see how other people are saying about the conference.


Now that you are connected to the network of NUF students, graduates and partners, its time to lead – with your words.

If you at the conference, it might be a reaction to a keynote speech or comment made during one of the panels. If you are just reading from the outside, perhaps its a question or thought that you would like participants to ask or think about during the conference.


a) Throw up a tweet

b) Post to the Facebook account

c) Link to NUF on a status update, on Facebook or LinkedIn

d) Tag #LeadershipNUF on a photo.

e) Be creative